Battery Manufacturer

As a developer and manufacturer of Redox-Flow batteries, you will have to deal with significant technical and commercial challenges. The Volterion development team has been involved in research and development of Redox-Flow batteries for many years. As a result of their considerable experience they have an understanding of these challenges and the knowledge to help you overcome yours.

The development of batteries is complex, time-consuming and expensive. The core component of a flow battery, the stack, is of fundamental importance and the need to use different electrolytes represents an additional challenge in its development. Quality and reliability of the stack and associated components represents perhaps the biggest single challenge in flow battery commercialisation.

For this reason, Volterion has specialised in the development and production of the heart of Redox-Flow batteries, the stack. With the know-how and expertise of our engineers and technicians, we develop and produce the most advanced, reliable and high-performance stacks in the world.

Our goal is to combine German engineering with the most advanced materials and processes available to establish Redox-Flow batteries as the energy storage solution of choice, world-wide.

To achieve this, we offer flow battery manufacturers immediate improvements through introduction of our stack technology combined with ongoing support in the development of their Redox-Flow batteries.

This focus and our partnerships with flow battery suppliers is already enabling widespread adoption of flow battery technology.