What we offer: Redox-Flow stacks have been manufactured using the same basic principles for decades. Multiple seals, fragile plates and thick, heavy end plates make the stacks expensive, difficult to install and prone to leakage. Volterion has overcome these technical challenges through introduction of a unique roll to roll process that produces flexible plates that are welded together to form compact, reliable and low cost stacks.

Developing a high performance, low cost and reliable stack is a considerable technical challenge. Taking this through to mass production is complex and adds significant technical risk to your business. Volterion offers its customers a state-of-the-art stack produced using the seal-free Volterion manufacturing process. We enable easy scaling of flow battery production to MW scale as a leading supplier focused on development of technology around this core component.

Volterion produces its graphite plates, one of the core components of a stack, using a new roll-to-roll manufacturing process. This continuous process reduces cost and makes the Volterion graphite plates flexible. This process and the materials used make Volterion plates unique. They can be stacked and welded together to produce fully integrated stacks with a minimum of components and significantly improved reliability. As a result, our stacks are characterized by low manufacturing costs and compact dimensions.

Our stacks provide you with the ability to use many different types of electrolyte allowing stationary battery solutions to be specifically tailored to meet your application requirements.

Redox-Flow batteries are well suited to a wide range of applications and provide operational reliability and high efficiency.

Their long service life is well established and with most materials used in the battery being simple to reuse or recycle they have minimal environmental impact and low cost of ownership.

Volterion is as a B2B supplier of core components for the construction of Redox-Flow batteries. We enable easy entry into the development of this technology through a plug-and-play stack with integrated control.

Volterion’s new and patent-pending Redox-Flow stack technology finally enables cost competitive Redox-Flow batteries.

Advantages of Volterion stacks:

Power (nominal) 2,5 kW 5 kW 10 kW
Power (peak) 3,5 kW 7 kW 14 kW
Number of cells 38 76 152
Current 50 A 100 A 200 A
Tension 40 – 60,8 V
Dimensions (L x W x H) 310 x 260 x 222 mm 680 x 260 x 222 mm 680 x 570 x 222 mm
Mass 6 kg 12 kg 24 kg
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