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We are currently out of stock for complete systems.
The increased demand for storage systems as well as a wide range of possible applications require continuous advances in our battery- and manufacturing-technologies.

In April 2019 we present the next generation of redox flow batteries.
A special manufacturing process facilitates the construction of flexible, scalable systems with standardized, modular stack technology.

Volterion’s Redox-Flow batteries provide significant economic and performance benefits when compared to existing stationary battery technologies. This breakthrough enables entry into new markets and makes it possible to obtain a rapid return on investment. In addition to significant cost benefits, Redox-Flow systems have a number of technical and performance advantages when compared to other stationary battery technologies:

  • More than 10,000 charge and discharge cycles
  • 20-year service life with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Ability to easily and independently scalable capacity and power
  • Safety, non-flammable electrolyte
  • Low environmental impact No additional balance of plant required resulting in reduced complexity and cost

In order to demonstrate the many advantages of our technology we can provide industrial users, energy suppliers and research institutions with short-term use of a fully functional Redox-Flow Battery. These demonstration systems are ready-to-use and can be supplied with suitable invertors on request. These batteries offer a wide range of design options for configuration and adaptation to individual customer requirements.

Redox-Flow-Batterie-complete-system: VRFB 1 data sheet Download Redox-Flow-Batterie-complete-system: VRFB 2 data sheet Download

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