Volterion is currently working on a number of interesting and exciting projects with well-known industrial partners.

Source: Stadtwerke Herne AG

Stadtwerke Herne:
A climate-friendly, car-free settlement is currently being built in the district of Sodingen in Herne. Stadtwerke Herne is building seven family homes which are designed to be almost fully energy self-sufficient. Electricity and heat are generated by renewable sources, so the success of the development is dependent on the ability to produce and store energy locally. Volterion has enabled this by implementation its Redox-Flow batteries as the on-site energy storage solution. The energy efficient homes are fitted with photovoltaic panels to produce electricity which is then stored in batteries with an output of 2kW and a capacity of 10kWh. In this way, the consumption of self- generated energy is greatly increased, and energy purchased from the grid is reduced.
The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Further information on the Redox Herne project can be found on the municipal utility website.

Working with ABO Wind of Wiesbaden, Volterion has jointly developed concepts for efficient supply of energy storage in commercial properties. In a field trial at the ABO Wind headquarters, a commercial property is supplied with its energy requirements by means of PV panels, block-type thermal power stations and Redox-Flow batteries.

EVO: The consumption of self-generated energy from the PV system of an apartment building at the EVO site has been increased by 10kWh as a result of using a Volterion Redox-Flow Battery.

KIT and Volterion are developing control technology for Redox-Flow batteries. As the first project, a fully functional Redox-Flow battery in a small format was built to charge mobile phones as a trade fair demonstrator. Further projects for the installation and operation of Redox-Flow batteries are currently in the implementation phase.

Further projects for the installation and operation of redox flow batteries are currently in the implementation phase.