With the Volterion Power RFB, the required connected load of charging stations can be significantly reduced, saving over €80,000 per kilometre of grid expansion. Its high cycle stability enables high utilisation of the charging points and thus reduces replacement investments.





Numerous new charging stations will be needed to provide sufficient capacity for the growing number of e-cars.


The Volterion technology enables the fast and simple construction of an area-wide store network.

Suitable locations for charging stations often do not have an adequate network connection for high charging capacities.


The Volterion powerRFB is able to provide high charging power even with a weak grid, as it`s charged under low grid load and discharged at high power.

Current storage solutions are not sufficiently cycle stable to be able to load several vehicles daily.


The Volterion batteries are very cycle-resistant and therefore allow any number of charging processes per day.

Current storage systems are too cost-intensive to enable economical operation.


Due to their high cycle stability and thus long service life, the Volterion powerRFB allow comparatively inexpensive storage.

Lithium batteries pose a fire hazard and are therefore not suitable for every installation location of possible charging stations.


Redox-Flow-Batteries are non-flammable and therefore flexible in use due to their modular scalability.