Grid usage fees are very cost-intensive for industrial and commercial electricity consumers, as they are based on the highest power purchased during the billing period. The more evenly the electricity is purchased, the lower the service price costs of the grid usage fees are.

By system-integrating of Volterion storage solutions, peaks can be smoothed and a uniform load curve guaranteed. This significantly reduces costs for industry and commerce and also stabilises public networks. At the same time CO2 emissions can be reduced by charging with renewable energy sources.

Our storage systems react flexibly, enable emission-free operation and combine all the advantages of peak shaving:

  • Lower electricity costs by reducing peak demand
  • Lower operating costs for power generation at peak times (reduction of demand for peak systems)
  • Lower CO2 emissions due to flatter loads with lower peak values

Furthermore many network operators offer financial incentives to consumers who reduce demand on the network at peak times.