Volterion powerRFB changes the way we manage and store power.

Forward-thinking utilities, industrial players, system integrators and public-sector supporters are driving a massive expansion of new energy storage solutions aimed at enabling the grid of the future. Volterion offers power storage applications from residential solar systems, commercial and industrial storage to challenging large-scale industrial power plants.

Volterion powerRFB allows for continuous operation at full capacity even after 20.000 cycles, lasts longer due to the innovative stack technology and enables the most demanding range highcycle- and highpower-uses. The extreme cycle stability and associated long life benefits of our system compared to traditional batteries allow for enduring, reliable stationary storage applications like:

  • Primary and secondary reserve market
  • UPS- and emergency-storage
  • Highcycle peak shaving
  • EV-charging
  • Renewables firming and storage solutions
  • Energy Arbitrage

Volterion’s powerRFB is fully scalable to multi MW and provides significant economic and performance benefits. This breakthrough enables entry into new markets and makes it possible to obtain a 3 to 5 year return on investment. In addition to significant cost benefits the system has a number of technical and performance advantages when compared to other stationary battery technologies:

  • More than 15,000 charge and discharge cycles
  • 20-year service life with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Ability to easily and independently scale system capacity and system power
  • Safety, non-flammable electrolyte (with buy-back guarantee)
  • Low environmental impact
  • No additional balance of plant required resulting in reduced complexity and cost

It is our ambition to enable solutions in energy storage, powering, peak shaving, emergency power and any other energy storage challenge throughout the world. To demonstrate the many advantages of our technology we provide industrial users, energy suppliers and research institutions with short-term use of a fully functional Redox-Flow Battery. Our systems are ready-to-use and will be supplied with suitable invertors on request.

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