Ever growing renewable power supply and progressive electrification poses major challenges to the power supply industry.
Short-term power outages can lead to enormous losses in public life and industrial production – therefore utilities are obliged to ensure sufficient power supply at all times.

Volterion’s storage solutions can be used for both primary and secondary reserve applications.

Volterion systems provide the high performance and fast response times required to control the frequency of power supply systems.
Already installed power systems can be upgraded with Volterion’s high performance systems – enabling suppliers and utilities to offer hybrid solutions to the secondary reserve market.

Volterion systems offer lower investment costs and lower operating costs compared to other solutions.
Payback times of less than one year are achievable through higher revenues from already installed systems.

Volterion works with trusted technology partners and experienced installers with extensive knowledge of the power industry.
Volterion’s systems provide proven technology solutions and services that overcome economic and regulatory barriers to the modernisation of our energy networks.

We are your partner with an experienced and competent team behind us.