Innovative. Powerful. Reliable.

Volterion is a global leader of high-quality performance stacks.

Stacks are the cores of all flow batteries and they determine the power delivery of such a system. Flow-Battery-Stacks consist of multiple electrochemical cells which are  stacked together.  They are the component of the battery where the power delivery and energy storage take place by transition of chemically bonded energy to electric power and vice versa.

Volterions proprietary design and manufacturing process is based on a high accuracy laser welding process, unlike traditional stacks that employ gaskets. While gaskets tend to set over time and thus can cause leakages, Volterion stacks are inherently leak-tight and very robust. As there is no compression force needed to seal gaskets, no heavy and costly end-plates are needed for Volterion stacks.  This assembly  makes them not only compact, lightweight, safe and reliable but also very cost-effective. Each Volterion stack features a dedicated electronic stack monitoring system which is implemented within the stack itself to ensure optimal operating conditions. The good news: A long service life is guaranteed.

Volterion Stacks allow the use of different electrolytes, which enables customers to tailor stationary battery solutions to suit multiple application scenarios. 






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