Innovative high-tech stacks

The design of our stacks allows for unique flexibility and adaptability to your individual requirements. They are designed to make your system efficient and powerful. In addition to the patented stack process, we use graphite electrodes from our own production. If you have any questions about the integration of our stacks into your commercial storage system, we are your partner and support you. We are proud that our high-tech stacks are manufactured in Germany and meet all industrial production and social standards.

Scalable performance

Our stacks can be adapted to your system in terms of performance as required. This allows you to easily and cost-effectively adjust the performance of your energy storage systems. At your request, we can produce different cell numbers for prototypes or research projects.

Performance variants
  • 2 kW
  • 3 kW
  • 4 kW
  • 5 kW

For high power systems, our stacks are connected in units of e.g. 25 or 75 kW.

Various electrolytes

We can customize stacks to match your electrolyte. Our modular approach allows us to select the optimal stack materials specifically tailored to your electrolyte requirements.

Easy maintenance

Due to our compact design (up to 50% smaller than conventional stacks and only weighting between 14 and 20.6 kg), our stacks fit into every storage system design. This also makes maintenance work simple and stacks can be easily replaced if necessary. This minimizes downtime and ensures high availability of your energy storage systems.

Volterion's smartStack redefines stack technology by seamlessly integrating intelligent sensing and electronic monitoring to ensure the efficiency and safety of energy storage. Monitoring and analysing operating data makes it possible to continuously optimise your systems. Potentially hazardous conditions such as overheating or overcharging are detected immediately to protect your system and the surrounding area.